40 Packing Tips From Our Experts

If you want to prevent your valuable items from getting damaged during your move, read these tips from our experienced and well-trained moving experts...

  1. Start early Pack a few boxes every day.

  2. Use the correct packing materials Like our De Haan boxes, Styrofoam, bubble wrap, moving blankets, towels, sheets or wrapping paper.

  3. Do not make your boxes too heavy We recommend a maximum weight of approx. 20 kg per box.

  4. Label your boxes Indicate where the boxes should go in your new house and whether there are any fragile items in the box.

  5. Pack glasses with socks You have to bring your socks along with you anyway, so why not use them as wrapping material? For extra protection, we recommend that you also use wrapping paper, towels or bubble wrap between the glasses as padding.

  6. Declutter Never transport items that you want to dispose of together with new items. This way you avoid doing the wrong thing out of stress. Or - even better: get rid of your old belongings well before the move.

  7. Take care of your back Pack heavy items in smaller boxes as much as possible, so that these boxes can also be lifted.

  8. Item for the first day Make a separate box of supplies for the first day. Toothbrushes, pajamas, a clean set of clothes, iron and most importantly, toilet paper! Also smart: keep the coffee maker at hand. In this way you can at least offer the assisting troops a cup of coffee during the move. Don’t forget: empty the water tank of your iron and coffee machine before moving!

All of these tips and more are compiled for you in this free e-book. Check it out for more useful packing tips:

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