Save Money On Your Move

At De Haan we like to think along with our clients. That is why we have listed a few useful saving tips for you...

1. Move less items

This might seam obvious, but sorting out your goods before your moving date can actually save you a lot of money! Sorting out your goods means you have to transport less and that you do not have to sort out your goods, again, at your new destination, sell them or throw them away. This way you can have an organised start at your new home.

2. Planning is key

If you start working on your to-do list on time you will have more time to decide on which items you really want to take with you. By planning ahead, you will also have plenty of time to single out the best offers and benefit from an early booking. An early booking ensures the best possible moving date.

3. Load balancing

An important part of an international move is too risky or complex to do yourself. But there are definitely some things you can do yourself and save money. Think of: packing your goods yourself, disassembling the furniture and reassembling it later or getting things ready. If necessary, deliver it yourself to the depot of the moving company.

For international relocations and relocations outside of Europe, we do not recommend packing, disassembling and assembly yourself since you are not insured for these tasks and there is a good chance of additional checks at customs. If you do pack yourself, always do this in consultation with the moving company. This way you can make sure you save money and keep yourself and your belongings protected at the same time.

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