To-Do List For A Carefree Move

When it comes to planning ahead, we are all for it. The main reason: it makes sure you can have to the most carefree move possible!

4-8 weeks before your move

  • At a suitable moment, explain to your friends and family why you want to move.

  • Figure out which items you no longer need and which you can abandon. Take some time for it: saying goodbye to personal belongings can sometimes take a long time/ a while.

  • Organise a garage sale for friends and the neighbourhood.

  • Check possibilities to give away unnecessary things. Think of thrift shops or charities. They will pick it up for free.

  • Clear the attic, garage or basement as soon as possible.

  • Plan the moments to bring items to the garbage disposal carefully; rent a van or trailer. It is wise not to do this on a Saturday: there are often traffic jams around those areas.

  • Involve the school of the children: for both the practical (how do we deal with saying goodbye) as the formal part (make sure you receive the necessary copies of school reports and certificates for the new school).

  • Make sure all passports are still valid and, if necessary, your visa has been taken care of.

  • Check whether you need an international driver’s license.

  • End your telephone contract and ask for a closing account.

  • Inform your doctor, dentist and notary about your forthcoming move.

  • Consult with your bank so the move of your account will run smoothly.

  • If you have pets, consult with your moving company about quarantine requirements.

  • Make sure you have copies of your veterinarian’s reports.

  • Resign from contracts and cancel subscriptions.

  • Ask friends and family for help with preparing, moving and cleaning.

The days before your moving date

  • If necessary, arrange sufficient parking space for the move with your neighbours.

  • Provide a tidy ‘route’ to and from the house.

  • Arrange babysitting / day care or someone who takes care of your children and/or boarding for your pets.

  • Arrange food and drinks for the day of the moving day.

  • Make sure you have enough cash.

  • Empty and clean your refrigerator and freezer.

  • Disassemble your furniture in time.

  • Dismantle fixed lamps.

  • Remove curtains.

  • Notify newspaper deliverer.

  • Packing.

  • Clean your new house.

Interested in an entire moving checklist? We've got you covered!

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