5 Key Things When Moving With Pets

Do you own a pet and are you moving? These 5 tips are a must read!

  1. Talk to your vet It is important to prepare yourself and your pet. Talk to your vet about the right preparations. Depending on your destination, your pet might need specific shots before your move.

  2. Medical report/passport A good way to inform your new vet about the health of your pet is a medical report/passport. For international moves, an English version is recommended.

  3. Stress Some pets, like cats and dogs, are very sensitive to stress. For the trip it is important to take the right precautions and prepare yourself and your pet well. It is a big change in location, and your pets - just like humans - need time to get used to this.

  4. Requirement per country Moving pets has different rules and requirements in every country. It is important to be informed about these rules in your country of destination before the move. De Haan can help you with this.

  5. Prepare your new home Make sure your new home is ready for your pets arrival. Depending on your type of pet you might want to make sure that there are no sharp items should laying around, that your pet cannot escape the premises, etc.

All of these tips and more are compiled for you in this free e-book. Check it out for more tips on moving with pets:

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